Real estate

Property Development

Project Management for the planned demolition of a house and the new construction of a multi-family house (16 apartments)

  • Supported the owner in negotiations with architects, property developers and the building authority Constance
  • Created profitability, financing and repayment calculations
  • Scenario Analysis (Impact of the development of different interest rates, differences in commercial vs. residential rental costs)
  • Calculation of the optimal leverage ratio

Property Management

Management of a multi-family house (8 apartments) in Radolfzell, Germany

  • Selection of tenants
    • Start with a long list that includes all applicants
    • Created a template for a self-disclosure form (SDF) 
    • After taking the SDF into consideration, a short list can be generated
  • Execution of apartment viewing with the short listed candidates and preparation of a rental contract

Property Financing

Supported the acquisition of two three room apartments in Constance, Germany

  • Preparation of documents for a bank appointment regarding the debt financing:
    • Profitability calculation
    • Repayment schedule
    • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Lead in both cases to successful financing without equity (full debt financing)