About Us


ParetoHelp is a non-profit organization which offers free advisory in the areas of corporate finance, start-ups and real estate management for corporations and private groups. Our service is not limited to any sector, even though our track record is mainly based on projects in the TMT, Consumer, Beauty and Real Estate Industry.

From internships during University Semesters/ Holidays in Switzerland, Germany and Malta our team gained practical experience in real estate development, tax consultancy, management consulting, Private Banking, Investment Banking and Private Equity. 

Why ParetoHELP

The name ParetoHELP is derived from the Pareto Efficiency Principle. Pareto Efficiency, which is also known as Pareto Optimality is an economic state where resources are allocated in a way from which it is impossible to reallocate so as to improve someone´s situation without reducing another person´s economic situation. Therefore in a Pareto situation it is impossible to improve one Party without degrading someone else.

With ParetoHELP we are aiming for the optimal situation for corporations, private persons, foundations and ourselves.

Through free advise for corporations, private groups and individuals we would like to help them to improve their current economical situation without the risk of losing any money. In case a corporate/ private person is content with our work because our advise is paying off, we would be more than grateful if they voluntary donate an optional amount of money to the Swiss Pancreas Foundation.

Also for us these non-profit projects have a very high value because we gain practical experience, extend our technical expertise, gain sector knowledge and specially get to know many new interesting people with different backgrounds and attitudes. 

"Every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him", Ralph Waldo Emerson